» Crypto Markets Waver with $30 Billion in a Bitcoin Sell-Off

On September 24, one of the biggest market troughs of the year took place. This was predicted by many but its magnitude still remains a shock. More than $ 30 billion has been released from cryptography assets. This bearish triangle model introduced by Bitcoin in recent months has reached its lowest level - $ 8,000.

Since the end of last week, Bitcoin has slipped and Bakkt's numbers are unimpressive. However, the market did not react to this event. Bitcoin fell below five digits and is still recovering. He went down at the end of June and began to increase while support was broken at $ 9500. Subsequently, it was reduced to $ 8,000. As expected from this area, support has been massive and many buyers have been triggered, resulting in an hourly closure of $ 8600, where it remains.

Goldberg Peter Schiff, a regular Bitcoin rocker, was quick to react on Twitter. He added that Bitcoin had finally broken under the support line of the descending triangle he had cut for months. He described the model as a very bearish technical model and a confirmation that a major summit has been established. He believes the risk of a quick descent to $ 4000 or less is high.

Josh Rager, an analyst gave a more balanced forecast compared to Peter Schiff's extreme fall of 4000 Schiff. He added that if Bitcoin did not exceed its current level, the support would be subject to a new test below. If the current situation is not a bear trap, he sees the price drop to $ 7,000. He added that many buyers expect prices between 6180 and 6500 dollars.

With the Bitcoin situation, the rest of the cryptography markets are in a somewhat sinister state. As a result, September 25 was one of the biggest market troughs of the year.

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Date: 2019-09-29 18:27:26

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